Being a teenager during the early sixties, Colin's only ambition was to be involved somehow in music.

In 1963 he met up with brothers Jim and John Yardley, and together they formed a typical guitar based group of the time called the Spectrum.  No great waves were made but the group was an excellent vehicle for forging the powerful harmonies which were to become the trade mark of the very early Bully Wee Band.

By 1969 Colin, having become fascinated with the Dylan/Donovan/S & G etc folk revival, had teamed up with London based traditional singer Jo Vincent.  Jo and her husband Bill taught Colin pretty much everything one needed to know about the early seventies folk club circuit, but in 1971 he split to reunite with Jim and John Yardley and form the Bully Wee Band.

In 1974 Colin left Bully Wee to move to Rochester, Kent where he kept himself involved in the folk scene with the aforementioned Jo & Bill by running The Wish It Was a Brewery Folk Club.  Widely considered to be one of the country's best folk clubs of the time.

In 1979 John Yardley left the Bully Wee Band and Colin was asked to rejoin.

After the band split in 1983 Colin carried on touring with Ian Cutler and busied himself in collaborations with Doug Hudson's Jezreels Ceilidh Band and Eavesdropper with Pete and Chris Fyfe.

In 1987 he received a call from comedian Jim Davidson to join him in his touring band and that was the last the folk scene saw of Colin for a good 15 years.

Colin now lives in the West Country enjoying the quieter side of life writing and gigging around the Torbay area awaiting the next outing with the Bully Wee Band

The Bully Wee Band albums he features on are The Madmen Of Gotham, for which he wrote the title track, the live album 50 Channels - Live, The Vintage Years and Like The Snow.  His discography apart from that is:-

1979     -     'In Touch' solo with Maidstone Rugby Club
1983     -     'Face to Face' duo album with Ian Cutler
1985     -     'Well Kept Secrets' solo album
1986     -     'In One Ear' with Eavesdropper
1987     -     'All the Do's and the Don'ts' solo album
1990     -     'The Gillingham Blues' (single) with Doug Hudson
1996     -     '1748' with the Dee Bees
2001     -     'No Choice For A Beggar' solo album
2006     -     'Going Back' solo album 
2011     -     'Red Wing' solo album

2012     -     'Revisited' solo album
2013     -     'Good and Plenty' solo album

2015     -     'Cool Covers' - solo album
2017     -     'Way Below The Tide' - solo album
2020     -     'Perfect Vision' - solo album
2022     -     Mum's The Word - solo album

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Colin Reece
vocals, acoustic guitars,
octave mandolin and keyboards

















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