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The brainchild of Hugh Crabtree, this outfit consists of seven of the best fiddle players in the country playing with a rock based backing band.  The fiddlers include Ian Cutler, Peter Knight , Phil Beer, Brian McNeill, Tom Leary, Chris Leslie and Joe Broughton.

Based in Germany, the makers of Colin's Octave Mandolin.  Beautiful instruments and very easy people to deal with.

The makers of Ian's violins.

Bully Wee Band member from 1981 to 1983.  Went on to join Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, Dave Swarbrick's Lazarus and Ade Edmondson's Bad Shepherds. 
It is with much sadness we learn that Maart died peacefully with his family around him in September 2018. Rest In Peace old friend.

Bully Wee Band member from 1974 to 1976.  Still very active in the music business, now living back in Ireland composing and recording.


Martin & Kinsgsbury




Feast of Fiddles


Celtic Star


Maartin Allcock

Frank Simon


Jim Yardley

Ian Cutler

Colin Reece


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The site for Jim's Norwegian band the Cornerboys.


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Terry Martin and Tony Kingsbury.  Early members of the Bully Wee Band's management team.  They now run this website which drips with nostalgia for anyone who was lucky enough to be around the 70s and 80s folk scene.